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Your Translator for English – German

I have the professional title “sworn interpreter and authorized translator”. This is the current name for us, determined by the Higher Court of Hanover, where I took my oath of office.

übersetzer englisch braunschweig

What does this mean for you as a potential customer?

The answer is quite simple. I am authorized to translate all official documents and certificates and, most importantly, to certify them. These documents include, but are not limited to:

  • driving licences
  • good-conduct certificates
  • application letters
  • curriculums
  • certificates of descent
  • birth certificates
  • single certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • marriage contracts
  • acknowledgements of paternity
  • name changes
  • divorce certificates
  • school leaving certificates
  • university testimonials
  • registration cards
  • certificates of health
  • General Terms and Conditions of Business
  • contracts of employment
  • partnership agreements
  • contracts of sale
  • by-laws
  • apostilles
  • dunning letters
  • arrest warrants

And of course I also translate everything else that does not necessarily have to be certified.

  • user manuals
  • business correspondence
  • web sites
  • homepages
  • emails
  • holiday post
  • love letters
  • books
  • And whatever else you can think of

Request a non-binding offer quickly and easily. You can reach me from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 18 o’clock. If I am in a training course, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Easily contact me!

What is the procedure?

  • You send me the document (by post, e-mail, WhatsApp etc.), or hand it in personally.
  • I’ll check it out and make you an offer.
  • You confirm the offer in writing (by mail, letter, whatsapp, SMS).
  • I will complete the order and you will receive the document by e-mail, post or upon collection.
  • Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer
  • For larger orders from customers I do not know, I expect a deposit.

How much does my translation cost?

I do not calculate my services according to words or lines, but according to effort.

With some documents there is hardly any text, but a high formatting effort. After all, the translation should not only be as faithful to the original as possible in the text, but also in the design.

Please understand that I do not quote prices per line. You can send me the document by e-mail without obligation, and after a detailed examination I can give you a binding price and the duration until completion.

How long does a translation take?

This question is very difficult to answer. As already mentioned above, the formatting effort also plays a considerable role. So there is no rule, but it is not complicated. You tell me when you need the document and I will tell you if it is possible. So far, this has always worked.

Are you looking for an translator for other languages?

Also in this case you are right with me. I am networked with translators of most common languages, such as Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Turkish and Arabic, and can provide you with the right contact person – free of charge

Why choose a translator based in the region?

This question is also easy to answer. Because of the better verifiability and the possibility to have direct influence. And also because of the personal bond. After all, you should know to whom you leave your documents.

Of course you can also send the text to be translated in Timbuktu and hope that you get a good translation. And of course our colleagues in Asia, Africa and other continents work just as conscientiously and with the same high quality. But what to do if it’s not like that? If you get a rather unsatisfactory result. Of course, nobody is error-free, neither am I, but then these errors must be eliminated as quickly as possible. This also requires smooth communication. What if you can’t reach anyone anymore because the shell company has already vanished into thin air, and you also wonder how you can get back the money you paid in advance?

I know this is the worst case scenario, but believe me, these cases are not as rare as you might think.  Since I work with investigative authorities at home and abroad, I know some of these sad cases.

Why are the source and target texts different in size?

There is not always a 1-1 translation of the term you are looking for in English (and not in other languages either). The German language relies heavily on composites, compound nouns, such as “atomic exit acceleration law”. You will find much longer terms, and lawyers and notaries in particular love such constructs. Often such terms are not translated with a single word, but rather described. This means that you get a longer text, but in the end it serves the purpose of comprehensibility, and that is what matters. There are also words that simply cannot be translated because there is no equivalent, such as “Zeitgeist, Weltschmerz, Feierabend, Bratwurst”… Nor are proper names, such as the names of a company, translated. However, I usually write an explanation in brackets. This also applies to laws. All these are reasons why the volume of the translation can be sometimes longer or sometimes shorter.

One more word about translation programs

The programs that are currently in circulation are usually quite good and they are also constantly being further developed. Many also rely on so-called neurolingual text recognition. This means that the program recognizes in which context it is located. Finally, it makes little sense to translate butterfly valve with butterfly fitting when you translate a text from the automotive industry. And you should always check your translation carefully when using such programs. What seems correct at first glance is not always correct. After all, no one likes to read such instructions for use

“Do not bite or suck on the device or the battery. This may damage the device or cause an explosion.” (Source: Internet, Funny passages from manuals).

I look forward to your order