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My learning philosophy

It is no secret that enjoying learning is the best motivation, even if not all teachers follow this simple rule. To be fair, it must also be said that fun is not the same for everyone, and perception is subjective anyway. Of course, this can also mean “One person’s joy is another one’s suffering”. Nevertheless, the joy of learning is the key to sustainable success. And if you take a closer look at books by Vera Birkenbihl, Manfred Spitzer or Gerald Hüther, you will find many more suggestions there.

Let’s define motivation as a permanent incentive to active dealing with the subject matter.

This means to speak first and foremost for the acquisition of foreign languages. It is irrelevant whether here and there a word is missing or a tense slips – as long as this does not have a meaning-changing character, it is quite permissible. Of course, mistakes can and should also be corrected, but the desire to speak should not be stalled.

Therefore, I am constantly looking for topics that offer an incentive for active participation in the classroom. Simple role plays, films, music, art, philosophy, or family stories, in the end everything is suitable for discussion. Again and again I notice that everyone has this ability, no matter what former teachers may have diagnosed about language skills.

Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the right switch, but the effort of constantly searching is often rewarded by comments such as, “I was able to make many contacts on holiday” or “I am no longer afraid of communicating with other people in the foreign language” are proof that it works.
And it’s fun too!