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Your English teacher for courses and private lessons

English Courses

What          ➨ Conversation, Grammar, Telephoning, Presenting

Where        ➨ In-house trainings or at the House of Cultures

How           ➨ According to your wishes or according to a prefabricated concept

When         ➨ By arrangement

How long   ➨ As long as you wish

What is the content of the courses?

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My courses are tailored to the needs of the participants. When it comes to mastering telephone conversations, I create appropriate role-plays based on daily work routine. If you would like to refresh your lost grammar knowledge, you will receive individually tailored exercises. Do you have meetings, discussions with customers and small talk to master? With me you will learn in a relaxed atmosphere how to manage all kinds of conversations and finally gain self-esteem and self-confidence.

I also offer seminars for presentations and international meetings. At the moment, these seminars take place at Volkswagen and last three days, but this could also be organized differently in terms of time. Flexibility is one of my performance features.

Request a non-binding offer quickly and easily. You can reach me from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 18 o’clock. If I am in a training course, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Easily contact me!

Why hire a German and not a native speaker?

The question is easy to answer: I understand learners’ problems better because I have learned English myself as a second language. Firstly, I know the rules better than most native speakers, and secondly I know where the pitfalls and difficulties lie.

Of course, the native speakers also have advantages, because grammar is one thing, but language is alive and changing constantly. Today we do not speak as we did in 1808 when Goethe’s Faust was published. And that is why I am, of course, in constant contact with other speakers of the English language, in Great Britain, but also in other countries. Over one billion people speak English and very few are native speakers. There are regional specialities. In South Africa alone there are about 16,000 English words that only occur there. And every company also has its own word creations, which spread to other parts of the world according to their size and importance.

What distinguishes my English courses from other institutes that offer language courses? Vibrancy and fun. I don’t want to have participants in my company courses who are only there because their boss forced them to. Your own motivation is important. What drives me to learn foreign languages? Everyone who is willing to learn not only learns faster, but also more sustainably. We live in a globalised world, and anyone who still denies this today has missed an important development. I often hear from employees that it is not necessary to learn English, after all, they have been working for a German company for 15 years, and the official language of the company is also German. No company today, from small bakeries to large corporations, can afford to do without the language skills of its employees. Sometimes I am asked why I have apprentices and trainees in the courses. They should have good language skills, as they have only just left school.  Firstly, this is not always the case and, secondly, those who are already at a higher level should not stop doing so. Use it or lose it!

The brain has a huge memory capacity, but it’s not a computer. Neuroplasticity means that it constantly optimizes itself by adapting to needs. This also means that it bans things that have not been used for a long time into the bottom drawer, or throws them completely overboard. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to rely on continuity if I want to maintain a high standard. Learning languages means constantly dealing with the language. You’re never done. New words are also added in the mother tongue to replace the old words (formerly called “Metre Maid”, today it is “Traffic Warden”) or simply arise completely from the use of language (phablet).

It is estimated that English is expanded by about 6000 words every year. Language is dynamic, not static. I myself am constantly learning new words from the areas in which I am currently active. Technical terms of law, seed breeding, medical care, railway construction, space travel…  In today’s world, language learning is more important than ever as we simply grow closer together. It is quite normal to meet Chinese, Portuguese and Iranians during daily shopping. Maybe you are approached on the street and asked about the way to the airport. Or you are at a kiosk (a word of Turkish origin) in Stockholm and want to buy lactose-free UHT milk. You need foreign language skills, and English is clearly the lingua franca worldwide. Communication is the key skill of the 21st century (and beyond). Communication is not only fun, it also helps to break down prejudices when talking. There are still many limits to overcome.

Learning a language doesn’t have to be strenuous, and certainly not boring. I will be happy to help you learn to run or prepare for the marathon-but you have to take the first step. Do not hesitate any longer and register yourself and/or your employees.

I look forward to seeing you!